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[[wordpress mu installation|WordPress MU installation]]
[[Wordpress mu installation|WordPress MU installation]]  
[[Equipment Help|Aiptec HD Cameras and Wireless Mic]]<br>
Old Projects...
Old Projects...  
[[Mac Network]] Project Team  
[[Mac Network]] Project Team  
[[Web Development]] Project Team <br>  
[[Web Development]] Project Team <br>
== Migration to [[Blogsite]]  ==
== Migration to [[Blogsite]]  ==

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Digital Media Commons Mission

Digital Media Commons

The mission of the Digital Media Commons (DMC) is to connect the Monterey Institute of International Studies to the world through digital media. The Digital Media Commons provides opportunities for students, faculty and staff to develop, produce and distribute digital media projects that can document achievements, strengthen professional connections, and raise the Institute’s visibility.

DMC Computer Network

Networking Archives

Current DMC Projects/Tasks

WordPress MU installation

Aiptec HD Cameras and Wireless Mic

Old Projects...

Mac Network Project Team

Web Development Project Team

Migration to Blogsite

  • Digital Media Commons Mission
  • Troubleshooting Solutions
  • Online Video
  • Tools (Software)
    • Video Editing
    • Video Compression and Conversion
    • Audio
    • Graphic Design and Image Manipulation
    • Document Manipulation
    • DVD
    • Presentation Tools
  • Concepts

Web Development and Information Architecture

  • DMC Web Development
    • Planning Meetings
    • Updates/Completed; Weekly
  • Information Architecture

DMC Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Spring 2009

Minutes for Fall 2008