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Elluminate is a web-conferencing tool that allows participants anywhere in the world to collaborate in real-time via audio, video and text chat; shared whiteboard for display and annotations; shared viewing of web pages, etc. Watch a recorded demo. Browse case studies from the corporate website.

Project status (2/2009): MIIS is working in collaboration with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) on this pilot project. Since August 2008 a small number of users have been accessing three practice rooms to explore the possible impact of this tool for teaching and learning.

Getting Started FAQ for Participants

The Getting Started FAQ for Participants is a place for collecting information helpful to anyone (faculty, staff or student) who is completely new to Elluminate, and just starting to attend or participate in sessions. Session facilitators can direct their participants here for pre-session orientation and set-up information. Relevant topics include: how to log in, how to set up and test your speakers/mic, and basic navigation and use tips.

Getting Started FAQ for Facilitators

The Getting Started FAQ for Facilitators is a place for collecting information helpful for anyone interested in learning how to set up and facilitate a session in Elluminate. Relevant topics include: how to request access to an Elluminate room, links to overviews of the basic features, and a collection of basic best practices for facilitating interactive sessions.

What Can I Do With Elluminate? Examples and Ideas

The Examples and Ideas page contains examples of how people here at MIIS are already using Elluminate as well as offers suggestions for additional ways to make the most out of using Elluminate in your classroom.

Using Elluminate FAQ (first semester users)

The Using Elluminate FAQ is a place for collecting information about puzzles that are frequently encountered during the first semester of using Elluminate. Relevant topics include: how to reduce audio feedback (echos and buzzes), trouble when uploading PowerPoint slides, etc.

Specialized Topics FAQ (advanced)

The Specialized Topics FAQ contains information for those who have already mastered the basics of facilitating collaborative sessions with Elluminate, and are interested in exploring ways of refining their use of Elluminate to best support a particular pedagogical goal or teaching context. Examples include: xxx.

Non-MIIS Resources for Learning About Elluminate

The Non-MIIS Resources page contains links to additional online Elluminate resources. The sections above are designed to contain information specific to the Monterey Institute community. However, many other organizations have far more extensive resources for learning about and using Elluminate. Check out (and contribute to) the Non-MIIS Elluminate Resources page to broaden your horizons!