Faculty Focus Group 12/4/2008

From MIIS Wiki

What do you like about the MIIS website?

  • Provides a good idea of what the Monterey Institute does (but not enough about what it IS)

What do you use the website for?

  • Academic calendar for add/drop dates
  • Course schedules
  • Directory

What don't you like?

  • Does not reflect how incredibly kickass the Institute really is
  • Needs to appeal to other incredible people and invite them to participate
  • I've been on the site 3 times, 2 of which were when I applied
  • Presently FirstClass is more often used (and FirstClass stinks)
  • "Watch Videos (YouTube)" link sounds like a random link to YouTube
  • Faculty are doing exciting things, why aren't they on the website?
    • Timeliness: have sent info and it took more than a month to appear on the site
  • Too much text, need to diversify communications (pictures, mindmaps, etc)
  • ONE person should not be responsible for the website; EVERYONE should be responsible
  • Main website + Moodle + FirstClass need to be combined into one platform w/different levels of access (for one-stop shopping!)

Who is the site audience?

Prospective students

  • Need to get to know what faculty are working on, where they are, what they've been doing
  • Need to see where alumni end up

Current students

  • Create a virtual space where students can link up, their achievements can be celebrated, etc.


  • What is the easiest way to reach out to our alumni instantly?


  • "Too many loose cannons on the deck"
  • Maybe have student council in charge of a single student blog
  • Need some kind of filter for all of the content, like the moderator of a listserv

Items to consider in redesign

  • Want to see the PEOPLE of the Monterey Institute
    • Need to create a space that shows how far-reaching the MIIS community is
    • 5 rockstar alums & what they're doing now, any alums in the Obama administration, etc.
  • Want faculty to be able to update their own individual website
    • Many faculty will be self-motivated to do this
    • Can post conference presentation materials, articles, info about what they are doing, etc.
  • Need a centralized events calendar
    • Followup on events for those who couldn't attend, include notes + links to YouTube videos
  • Consider turning the Foghorn into a student portal site similar to insidecolby.com

Websites we like

  • storybank.stanford.edu
    • highlights faculty and alums and what they are doing
  • usc.edu
    • people profiles
    • myUSC student/faculty/staff portal
  • thedailybeast.com/beast-board
    • daily bloggers
    • can choose to read more if you are interested in a particular topic