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Changing Your Email Password

Log in with your Bannerweb ID and password. Follow the instructions on the page. Make note of the password restrictions when creating a password.

For generic accounts -- such as admissions, cashier, alumni -- you must log into the account via webmail, After logging in, there is an Options link in the upper right of the page. On the Options page is a left navigation menu where you'll find Change Password.

Controlling Your Spam

Middlebury maintains a spam server for all of our incoming messages. You may occasionally get messages from the server alerting of held messages. You can log into the server using your Middlebury id and password (same as email). From there you choose to deliver or whitelist addressses.

[avast SUSPICIOUS] Subject

Our campus anti-virus software, Avast, installs a plug-in to Outlook. This plug-in runs whenever you're in Outlook, checking messages for viruses and malware. If ever a message is sent without a subject line, Avast will automatically enter [avast SUSPICIOUS] in the subject. It does not mean you have a virus, or that you received one. Moral: always enter a brief meaningful subject for your messages. PS: Avast also has a good, free version for personal use.

I'm not receiving new emails or There are messages in my Outbox

Although there could be many reasons for not getting messages, the most common reason we've seen on campus is Outlook has disconnected from the server. In Outlook, pull down the File menu, if Work Offline has a check next to it, or you see Offline or Disconnected in the lower right of your Outlook window, then Outlook isn't checking the server. Pull down the File menu, select Work Offline to force it to connect; it will prompt you to login. On a Mac pull down the Entourage menu, select Work Offline.