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Attendance: Lynn McDonald, Bob Cole, Kristen Byers, AnneMarie Steiger Focus Group coordinators: Nina Dutra, Leah Gowron

This group has been heavily involved with the website redevelopment-preferred to address other areas of growth and transition vs. the pre-determined questions.


    • Website strategy needs someone as a visionary leader to ensure site is consistent and ever-evolving.
    • We need to define what is the “clear message” and how do we want to present ourselves?
    • What about a questionnaire on Facebook for prospective students, to see what they want on the website?
    • No one relates to one communication style—we need diversity in our style.
    • Make the site a fun adventure to roam, to find the info
    • Change text, site design, homepage monthly or regularly so even if actual data hasn’t changes, the site still seems new and “fresh”.


    • Develop a MIIS online community presence—blogs talking about student experience, faculty discussing topics, alumni sharing resources, etc.
    • Communications has to be 2-ways on site. People need to be able to respond to postings, blogs, etc. Creates an “intelligent” site.
    • A community blog?
    • How to address negative comments that may impact enrollment? “Diss” on the site allows MIIS to respond, usually will be done by others in the community, not the administration, and the comments can be more “realistic” than “party line”. Comments at all levels demonstrates open communications. Can lead to pride in Institute.


    • Plan a tutorial session for the Board on open-source generation-how to properly use/understand the use of technology for communications, marketing, enrollment, vs. old, traditional formats. “This is how out clients communicate and interact.”
    • General communications to MIIS community: use uTube or video to get message out-3 pg email with real message buried in rhetoric not useful, and leads to misunderstanding and confusion.


    • Contact Peter Liu (Library) to get on Library staff meeting agenda to seek additional resources. IT meeting?