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=== Create Launch/Support Page ===
=== Create Launch/Support Page ===
*Needs to be created
*Several good examples:  
*Several good examples:  

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Initial Research

MIIS iTunes U Presence


Site Design

  • University of Michigan has a great 3-column layout
  • Can include dynamic elements such as "Top Downloads"
  • Need to have a public presence on iTunes in order to be granted the Public Feature Page template used by Michigan, Stanford, Duke, etc.

Application Process

  • Far less likely to get a site as a department of an institution.
  • For example, if you say, "We're the Theatre Department of Generic U and we'd like a site if we can get it," you are far less likely to get a site than if you say, "We're Generic U and we'd like a site if we can get it.


  • Submitted for approval on Tuesday 11/19/2008
  • Approved 12/15/2008
  • Appeared in iTunes U Store on 12/23/2008

Additional Work to be Done

Contact Apple

  • When you ask Apple to create a public site for your school, you get access to the three-column page design (this is called a "public features page" in the iTunes U admin guide). This design is, I suspect, intended to be a visual cue that lets an iTunes U client know that he/she is visiting your school's public arena (as opposed to the place where class materials are kept).
  • To get the three-column format, ask Apple to create a public site with the public features page for you. Bear in mind, though, the the intended use is different than for your private site.

Establish Workflow & Style Guide

  • Draft a support document that covers the following:
    • Filming
    • Editing
    • Uploading to iTunes U
  • Establish guidelines for the following items:
    • Track name
    • Artwork
    • Artist
    • Album
    • Year
    • Genre
    • Comments
    • Summary
    • Category

Create Launch/Support Page

Compile FAQs

  • Do I have to pay to access MIIS on iTunes U?
  • What if I have Windows? Can I still install iTunes?
  • How do I access MIIS on iTunes U?
  • Is MIIS's content part of the iTunes Music Store?
  • Can I access MIIS on iTunes U directly without first opening a browser?
  • A podcast has images, but they do not appear when I play it. How can I see them?
  • I can see other people's playlist in my iTunes. Did someone hack into my computer?
  • What do I need to use iTunes U?
  • Do I need an iPod to use iTunes U?
  • Where can I download iTunes?
  • How do I login to iTunes U?
  • Is the MIIS on iTunes content under copyright protection?
  • What is a podcast?
  • How can I create my own podcast?
  • Where in iTunes is the content I downloaded from MIIS on iTunes U?
  • Can I use other mp3 players with iTunes?
  • What else can I do using the iTunes software?
  • I want to distribute a URL to something specific in iTunesU. Can I link directly to this content?