Initial Meeting 6/15/2009

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Web Strategy - It's not just the website anymore...

Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us

Strategist Role

  • Publisher
  • Manager
  • Organizer
  • Reviewer
  • Holistic Thinker


  • Updated Timeline
  • Things may change

Small Group Work

  • Discuss your page and what you would change
  • Comments/Questions about the DIY guide?
  • Do you agree with what was written?
  • Good discussions in break-out groups - some highlights include:
  1. I used to think putting all the info on the website saved me time on answering questions
  2. The block of text is unreadable - less text, break it up, add video content/dynamic information
  3. The content is freed from the form - we should use blogs to pump in dynamic content and communicate to our students
  4. Add More - I can't remember!

Wiki & Exchange Calendar for Communication

  • Meetings will be set up with the exchange meeting system - please make sure you're on exchange!
  • Meeting notes and other information will be stored in this wiki - everyone can add/change/edit this information

Follow Up

  • Sending out poll - Monday's don't work
  • We will meet next week sometime - all members will be a few pages that they have rewritten to share and get feedback. 
  • We will continue to post more resources on web writing