Instructions for Mac OS X

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Setup MAC to Connect to MIISMAC Network

Before following the below steps, make sure you have the latest Airport driver. Choose Software Update in the Apple drop-down menu to find the latest update.

1. Click on Airport icon on right-upper toolbar.
2. From the drop-down menu, select Other (select Join Other Network for later version).
3. Type “MIISMAC” in the Network Name field.
4. Select “WPA Enterprise” or “WPA2 Enterprise” from the security drop-down menu.
5. Enter your network username and password in the User Name and Password fields, respectively.
6. Click on “Remember this network” check-box.
7. Click on “Join” to join the network.
8. Click OK to accept Certificate when prompted.
9. Set certificate to always trust.
    A. Open your hard drive (Macintosh HD)>Applications>Utilities>Keychain Access.
    B. Under Name, double-click “ Certificate”.
    C. Under Attributes (Trust), click on each arrow and choose “Always Trust” from the drop down lists.
10. Exit out the Windows.