List of Requirements

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Internal Audiences

  • Login protected customizable personal page that customizes the user experience based on MIIS affiliation
    • Jobs database (students)
    • Web-based collaborative advising (students)
      • Interactive, meta-cognitive, transformational advising designed to enhance and complement face-to-face advising
    • Space to begin work their on portfolios from day one (students)
      • Allows students to collect bookmarks/resources
      • Document progress on current progress
      • Receive feedback on their portfolio pieces
    • Banner access to academic records, scheduling (students, faculty)
    • Banner access to budgets (staff)
    • Alumni portal (alumni)
    • Banner access to HR (all)
    • Customizable subscriptions to specific information (e.g., events) via RSS (all)

External Audiences

  • Offer main page + main admissions page in several languages
  • Tell the story: pragmatic idealism
  • Sharpen brand focus: "Be the Solution"


  • Clear brand definition -- make people understand who we are
  • Interactive elements
  • Stronger ties to Moodle/other web presences
  • Integrate content from FirstClass
  • Robust events calendar interface
  • Well-presented news section (via RSS)
  • Simple, consistent navigation -- no duplicate links
    • Breadcrumbs
  • Support delivery to mobile devices
  • Portal to Facebook, iTunes U, Yelp, Flickr, etc.
  • Streamlined and branded e-commerce solution
  • Efficient search solution that displays concise search results
  • Complete, concise, and targeted meta tags for SEO