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Network and Computer Maintenance Meeting: Debriefing and Summary Date: 03/24/09

Attendees: DeVan and Luis

Rational: Instead of checking out external HD and risk not having one here when a student needs it. The solution was to have a central TB HD here where students would have access to it from the network.

Purchases Necessary: Time Capsule (time capsule + 500GB of storage) $150.00, Airport Extreme: (nothing but a wireless router) $80.00.

The two options were that we could go for the 1TB Time Capsule, and add one of our 500GB HD's or purchase just the Airport Extreme which we would connect to one of the existing TB's we have.

Next step: to go for option 1 or 2 and test it out. There is a 14 day return policy. We want to test it out and see which system works better or make a decison as to which one we want as we basically have all the information we need. Preferably the time capsule.

Reiterating the Issue: Limited Hard drives for video work, limits the number of students that can save their video work at the DMC.

Video 2 and Video 3 don't work with iMovie '09, or '08. Video 2 and 3 could just be converted into 2 "Save all documents here" files and not used for video at all.