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Quarter Past Twelve Workshop - VISUALIZE: Digital Collages

What is an online digital collage? An online digital collage is a way of combining pictures, video, music and text to capture your audience, share your memories and even make learning fun!

Watch an introductory video of how to create a Vuvox collage here:

Check out this fun link from Spanish Vocab Animoto'd:

Read about Vuvox here:

What are some things people could use these for?

Create records of special/historical events: Washington DC Getting Ready for Obama

Document trips: Portuguese Scuba Presentation

Raise awareness of social needs and issues: Give and Let Live with Save the Children Collage

Student presentations or teacher lessons and activities Share fun slideshows with friends and family

Where can I get started making a digital collage?

[] - this is similar but also allows for voice recording is a downloadable program that also allows for collage and video making. Let us know if you come across anything else.