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Overview of Midd Process

Information architecture/design

  • Homegrown IA
  • Outsourced design


  • Considering Drupal


  • Surveying the community to determine what the community needs from website
  • Determine issues with the existing website
  • Parallel effort on both campuses

MIIS relationship to Midd Process


  • Common design, MIIS I/A, common platform, hosted @ Middlebury
    • no staff to support open-source application such as Drupal @ MIIS, Middlebury or someone else would be hosting & providing support
  • Common design, MIIS I/A, common platform, hosted elsewhere
  • Common design, MIIS I/A, different platform, hosted elsewhere

Design factors

  • Timing - if Midd isn't ready to launch by late summer, MIIS needs to move forward.
    • Target date: next recruiting season
  • Cost - an issue. Funds are budgeted (built into academic excellence plan)
  • Learning curve - will there be a learning curve for those who have to enter site content?

Plan B

  • Retain current design, platform, hosting relationship
  • Move content from individual school sites into "portal" site, streamline navigation
  • Not a very elegant solution


Develop requirements document

  • Survey
    • Current students
    • Students who have not yet arrived
  • Focus groups
    • Groups for each of our identified audiences
    • One wild card group w/mixed audiences
  • Interviews with key stakeholders

Identify audiences

  • Prospective students (esp. international students & their parents)
  • Current students (expected to increase with implementation of Banner)
  • Staff/faculty
  • Donors
  • Alumni
  • Researchers
  • Press

Consider Moodle vs. main website

  • How will each site be used?
  • What content will be contained where?

Aggregate multimedia items

  • Provide a space to list all podcasts, videos, etc.
  • Serve as a portal for content on Facebook, iTunes U, Yelp, Flickr, etc.
  • Support RSS feeds that users can include in 3rd party apps
  • Support delivery to mobile devices

Create consistent navigation

  • Breadcrumbs?

Implement robust calendar system

  • UCBerkeley has a great example
  • Allow students to subscribe to event feeds relative to them

Support current students

  • Login protected current students section
  • Job listings
  • Class schedules

Translate key pages

  • Offer main page + main admissions page in several languages
  • Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, etc.
  • Will be welcoming to international students
  • Will help show up in more Google search results in various languages