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(Homework for next meeting)
(Homework for next meeting)
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*Review the following pdf document<br>  
*Review the following pdf document<br>  
**[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/MIIS/images/9/97/Conduct_a_Focus_Group.pdf mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/MIIS/images/9/97/Conduct_a_Focus_Group.pdf Conduct a Focus Group (pdf)]
**[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/MIIS/images/9/97/Conduct_a_Focus_Group.pdf Conduct a Focus Group (pdf)]

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Recap: Who We Are

  • Midd taskforce looking at redoing their website
  • MIIS is simultaneously thinking about how to make a more useful website
  • A redesign to reinforce the reorganization
  • Implementing new features to help create a digital community
  • Not sure where Midd & MIIS processes will converge

Website Redesign Group

    • Group began with a Yammer post from Amy McGill
    • Group members are nicely spread across different groups/depts on campus
    • Purpose: to brainstorm ideas and bring in best practices, survey the community, run focus groups, and ultimately put together a set of requirements for the new site

Focus Groups

To be completed in January:

New Students

  • Interface with whoever is planning student orientation
  • Kathy & Lynn

Admissions/Records/Financial Aid

  • Tate & Amy

Advancement & Communications

  • Caroline & Rafael

HR/Student Services/School Staff

  • Anne Marie & Caroline


  • Leah & Nina

Direct Reports & Deans

  • Bob & Lynn

Faculty v2.0

  • Sarah & Jen

Survey Input

  • Alum role was created after many alumni responded to survey


  • $8000/annually
  • Web data management program used by university systems
  • iModules purchased IAC, MIIS got a good deal to switch to iModules
  • Creates robust database of who works where, etc.
  • iModules doesn't believe in having a closed social network community
  • MIIS may be on board for testing for other languages + linking to other international social networks
  • Hoping to create a very comprehensive career services section including a mentoring system
  • In a perfect world, every incoming student will be paired w/an alum
  • Has mass mailing system & electronic newsletter system similar to Constant Contact (can be used for alumni newsletter)
  • Creates cluster audiences (alums in Europe, T&I alums, etc.)

Work to be done

  • Finalize database system and send to iModules
  • Need people to volunteer to create particular pages and help archive photos
    • Career resources
    • Networking
    • Giving
    • Newsletters/blogs
  • Get word out to alumni to submit photos
  • Make sure alumni will be more inclined to give to the Institute when they see the steps we are taking to reach out to them
  • Determine which areas will be password-protected

Create an Account

  • Link will be sent out

How to finish this?

  • Develop a work plan
  • Identify each task in the work plan
  • Names can be assigned to each task

Homework for next meeting