Meeting 12/3/2008

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Requirements List to Date

Internal Audiences

  • Login protected customizable personal page
    • Jobs database (students)
    • Banner access to academic records, scheduling (students, faculty)
    • Banner access to budgets (staff)
    • Banner access to HR (all)
    • Customizable subscriptions to specific information (e.g., events) via RSS (all)
    • Portal to Facebook, iTunes, Yelp, Flickr, etc. (all)

External Audiences

  • Offer main page + main admissions page in several languages
  • Tell the story: pragmatic idealism
  • Sharpen brand focus: be the solution
  • We're not DLI/military/only a language school
  • Student Chinese blogger --> made impact --> make more/system alignment
  • Multilingual
  • Loading page as welcome
  • People/story first --> then MIIS website
  • Reorg
  • CAREER = return on investment?
    • Students are interested in financial aid, job placement statistics, etc.
    • They're going to spend 2 years in Monterey & pay thousands of $$ -- what will they get in return?
    • What kind of monetary situation will the be in 10 yrs down the road?
    • Highlight student resumes, alumni statistics, reputation of graduates
    • When you're 55, what will you have done in your life?
      • Number of refugees helped
      • Number of communities developed
    • Among the lowest default rate in the nation


  • Robust calendar interface
  • Consistent navigation - simplified navigation
    • Breadcrumbs
  • Support delivery to mobile devices


Here are the survey results:

And here is the link to the survey itself-- tell all your friends, and if you are in a high traffic office like Rafael's, please consider making up cards to hand out with this information.

Focus Groups


  • Current students (expected to increase with implementation of Banner)
  • Faculty


  • New students (orientation)
  • Staff groups
    • Admissions, records, financial aid
    • Advancement and communications
    • HR, student services, school staff
    • IT, library, TLC
    • Direct reports + deans

Off-Campus Audiences

  • Prospective students (esp. international students & their parents)
  • Donors
  • Alumni
  • Researchers
  • Press

Focus Group Questions

  • Questions should mirror the survey questions.
  • What do you use the MIIS website for? What do you like about the site? Why?
  • What are some other websites that you like? What do you like about them?
  • Possible scavenger hunt questions to test accessibility.

Using the Site as a Portal


  • Provide students with a blogging system
  • Likely that they will provide vivid pictures of their life at MIIS through these unofficial promotional tools

Blog Aggregator

Student Portal

Additional Items to Consider

  • Need to establish style guide for website so all future pages look similar, don't have competing information
    • ex: 2 dueling calendars, 2 issue sites
  • Establish email connection between Recruiting & Anne Marie
    • once a week email detailing changes being made to the site
    • maybe use Yammer instead?