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====Student Activities Page====
====Student Activities Page====
*Inclusion of RSS feeds = good
*"Student Organizations" may not be the correct term --> Student Intiatives?
== Discussion of Stories/Dynamic Content  ==
== Discussion of Stories/Dynamic Content  ==

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Update on Design Process

Sharing/Feedback of Revised Pages

Feedback for Gail

Gail shared 2 revised student services pages with us: Housing & Student Activities

Housing Page

  • Good headings that guide the reader through the page
  • We like the move from mostly bullet points to brief, conversational paragraphs
    • List of links to search for rentals could still be a bulleted list
    • Last 2 sentences of 1 paragraph could be combined (private housing database info + contact us link)
  • Too many colors going on in the text makes it feel choppy (this doesn't really matter since font styles will be dictated by the CSS stylesheet)
  • External links should open in a new window; internal links within the MIIS site should open in the same window
  • Pages vs. PDF files: tips for housing should be a page within the site instead of a PDF file No elaborate introduction; gets right down to the nitty gritty -- we like it!
  • Don't open with a negative statement ("does not have dormitories" seems like a bit of a downer, begin with a more positive statement)
  • Timeliness of the videos may be a concern -- student in MIIS Casa has graduated and employee in advice video no longer works here

Student Activities Page

  • Inclusion of RSS feeds = good
  • "Student Organizations" may not be the correct term --> Student Intiatives?

Discussion of Stories/Dynamic Content


Rebecca Walters, web writer extraordinaire, thought that some excerpts from Made to Stick: Why some ideas die and others survive would be helpful when rewriting pages. She particularly likes the Six Principles of Sticky Ideas (towards to way bottom of the page).

I’ve also been thinking about what is good web writing – you all have dramatically different tasks. Some need to reduce heavy text, some need to reduce bullet points, some need more info, some need less. Always think to yourself “how is the best way to communicate this message?” rather than any “rules”. Video/bullet points/RSS feeds are not always better. Check out other websites and see what you like – I like Oberlin’s website, http://new.oberlin.edu/ so you can check that one out and share some you like as well.