Meeting 7/30/2009

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We started the meeting talking about a few drupal tips. At the bottom of this email is some information on linking with attached screen shots. Other tips were:

  • Name your files (within drupal and the file itself) – PDFs, images, ect. The name should be the title of your document. Know that people will see your file names so keeping an internal like name is not appropriate. The name you title the document on drupal will also be the name that someone using a screen reader will hear out loud.
  • We are still working on the file uploader to make it more intuitive so if you have other work to do on the site, do it first.
  • When adding content, you will most likely always use the “page” content type which is really just a block of text. If you have a FAQ section, add each question to the FAQ content type.
  • Please work on your site during the week and email us with any questions – no need to wait for the meeting to ask questions! We’re here to help and want to make sure we are progressing

We also spoke about the new emerging blogging community which is where we can blog but also has forum functionality and may be the solution to some of our concerns of first class going away. This is still a work in progress but if you have questions or want to sign up, just stop on by Kade!

We also quickly spoke about story and we will continue to talk about story in the next few meetings. I showed a quick example of a story and I’ve blogged about it here:

It was a good meeting and I’m happy with the progress we are making. Just a timeline reminder that final web content is due on August 7th (one week). Please use this week to really refine your text so we can then start to work on story, side bars and dynamic information. Kristen will also be leaving for vacation on August 6th so please spend a good amount of time in drupal and report any bugs.



Here is some information about linking as you begin to edit content within the Drupal site. I have also attached 2 small screenshots to illustrate.

For internal linking
To link to an internal page (another page contained within the MIIS website), you need to include everything after the
For example, to link to the Financial Aid page, you would use the following Link URL: /drupal_miis/admissions/financialaid/
Set the “Target” field to “Open link in the same window”.

Internal links.png

For external linking
Use the entire URL (i.e.
Set to the “Target” field to “Open link in a new window”.

External links.png