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Exchange is Microsoft's email service which now graces our campus. The service is provided to us by Middlebury College. Outlook for PC and Entourage for the Mac are the clients you install and run from your computer to connect to the Exchange system.

General FAQs

Setting Up Your Exchange Account

To use your Exchange email account hosted at Middlebury you must first activate your account. Then you can configure your computer using Microsoft Office Outlook or Entourage to access email. Below are instructions.

Activating Your Webmail Account

All MIIS registered students, faculty and staff are given network accounts with access to various web resources. Click here for instructions on activating your network and email accounts.

Configuring Your FirstClass Account

During this transition from FirstClass to Exchange, we'll be using two email systems and you'll have an account on both systems. To convert to Exchange, you must set your FirstClass account to forward incoming messages and manage your FirstClass Mailbox appropriately. Click here for instructions on configuring your FirstClass account to forward messages to your Exchange account.


The easiest way to access your new email account is to use your web browser to access the email server directly at:

The Webmail interface includes many basic and intermediate mail functions and performs very well over the Internet. Best results are found using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but you can use other web browsers like FireFox, Safari or Chrome, etc. Results with these other browsers may vary.

Configuring Desktop Email Clients

If you currently own and use a desktop email client to access other accounts, you can very likely use this same client to access your new Exchange account. Here are instructions for some popular email clients.

Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003

Configuring Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac

Configuring Microsoft Entourage Home & Student Edition for Mac

  • The Home & Student edition of Microsoft Entourage does not support connection to an Exchange server using Exchange's native protocol. However you can configure this version to connect via another protocol called IMAP. The link above takes you to generalized instructions for configuring any client (Entourage Student ed., Mac mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc).

Your Email Address

MIIS currently uses two email addresses for each person. Your new Exchange email address is generally your network account 'username' followed by the domain

If your name is Joe Student, your email address will most likely be

If you have a name that matches someone already registered at Middlebury, your username may be slightly different.You will also  be able to use the standard format.

On or about September 15, 2009 all addresses will be transferred to the Exchange server. At that time both and addresses should start being delivered exclusively to your Exchange account.