Minutes for 11/14/08

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Minutes November 14, 2008

1. Jeremy and DeVan are out today.

2. Minutes from last weeks meeting:

  • Pilar: working on IT logo w/ Kristen, working on iMovie workshop w/ Luis and Sai
  • DeVan: Following up on thank you emails, library advertising
  • Sai: working on Truckis poster issue, tutorial and skitch, iMovie workshop
  • Ryan: working w/ wordpress infrastructure
  • Luis: iShowU vs. SnapZ/ iMovie workshop
  • Follow up on workshops for this week

3. Video Compresion (from Jeremy):

  • If everyone can watch the video I made last year on codecs that's an introductory video on codecs (compresion/decompresion of video) and file formats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb7M0ciLTrE
  • For using FFmpegX the website has a lot of really good documentation that explains different aspects such as bitrate, framerate, etc. http://www.ffmpegx.com/video.html
  • Please provide Jeremy with very specific questions you have about video compression. You can write them under the google doc "Video Compresion Questions."

4. Internal Certification:

  • I think we need some sort of internal certification process for the different concepts (aka storytelling/podcasting/etc) and programs (aka garageband/iMovie/Gimp/wordpress/etc) so lets think about how we are going to do that.

Three possible areas:

  1. What is the concept/what is the program used for?
  2. Creation of an original product (alone) using a certain predecided elements. (For instance if it was iMovie O8 you would have to import a video, use transitions, use pictures, change volume level, put in a title, etc-things that you need to know how to do.)
  3. Troubleshooting knowledge- understanding of more difficult questions and the ability to quickly find unknown answers.
  4. Solution Documentation:
  5. As we are working on a day to day basis, and have questions that come up, lets make sure we document the solutions. Just make a post on the blog with the issue/problem/question and how it was resolved with screenshots if possible.
  6. Discuss working situation after school gets out December 16, 2008.