Minutes for 2/13/09

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Meeting 2/13/09

3 itmes on agenda

1.Web presence/Public face

2.Thursday workshop agenda

3.Collaboration w/ TLC

Bob: this meeting should be used for bigge picture/ ideas trouble shooting shold be done outside of meeting/ no tech issues need to come up with a norm for meeting

Lynn: need for a way to communicate important info to everyone

Molly: take week to brainstorm commnication/ meet next week

Devan: Make sure information on tools is communicated

Bob: Need to collaborate with TLC Need for Internal workshop/ maximize talents There is a gap between what TLC and DMC do/ 3rd space that hasn't been explored

Sarah: don't want to overap/ need to complement Both share development/ complementary focus on media and technology TLC workshops - everyone invited/ Fridays 12:15pm Further tech stuff, they come to DMC/ teaching side they go to TLC TLC direction is teaching and awareness raising (regarding workshops) Asked TLC staff to think of workshops in terms of academic work (pathway of desire) Need for crosstraining Bob: Good to have a date set on the shedule for workshops to get us moving need to start somewhere/ test piloting

Lynn: need more teambuilding/ get to know everyone - both TLC and DMC

Sarah will give us a tour of googlesites/ get a group meeting together

Thursday dead hour workshop: they should complement TLC workshops podcast workshops/ boot camp

   possibilities: separate basic podcasting/ advanced podcasting

How to speak with faculty about usng media more in the classroom

   Jeremy thinking of contacting faculty and have quick 5 minute talks w/ them
       has already emailed faculty about this

Pilar: mentioned past success with speaking with faculty about using media in classroom

bob: Need to get work from Jason Scorse

   build up media library

Jeremy: Want to work with teachers

   do online surveys from students in class about wokshops

Molly: Hopefully students will respond to emails/ have quick 5 minute consultations have students take online survey Document contact with faculty/ conversation on media in the classroom

Lynn: Nuket's example of using media in the classroom

   Nuket asking Lynn of using media in classroom

Molly: For next meeting perhaps 2 hour meeting discuss core competencies Intra DMC communication gathering communication ideas

Bob: 4 key areas communication piece

Luis will be in charge of looking into "glorious" webspace/ favorable to have one webspace Not moodle perhaps MIIS website (DMC page)

Lynn: Make sure we send people who need IT help to right place

   we should not help them/ they need to go to correct place