Minutes for 3/06/09

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Bob: Bob will be heading out in 15, can be debriefed later. Pilar absent because of family issue.
Advertising Thursday Workshops:

   Molly: The calendars s having a good effect on the attendance at the meetings on Thursday.
   DeVan will be making some changes to the Flyer for the spring workshops
   Molly:Lending system needs to be revised;
  • Issues: We need to know what has been turned in and what hasn't been turned in.
    • Suggested changes to the lending system
      • Bob: Faculty lending of laptops an issue, not for students. They are more for development type projects. Jennifer came in to ask to use one. We will not be lending out computers in general, we need a project development proposal form to get a laptop.
      • We need to clarify infrastructure in terms of projects, lending and usage of equipment
      • Jeremy: We need to also distinguish the people TLC will be working with or who the DMC should be working with. The distinction needs to be more clear, so we know who to pass off.

Sarah: Idea of having joint meetings with the TLC
Airport Issue

   Luis: Time Capsule would be our best option
   Ryan: We need to buy the time capsule, it is a wireless network
   Bob: is there a way to use the TB harddrives to be more organized with video files, we don't really want to be storing people's things. There is a danger in that if we have too much space.
   Ryan: We could daisy chain the HD's
   Lynn: The problem will arise when someone loses their stuff then we get "burned"
   Bob: Our expertise and added value is working with digital media, we don't want to be getting into  being IT or providing server space. We might want to put the onus on the programs to put an HD in budget.
   Molly: For example, we received a FlipVideo full of video and photos. This is an example of how we might have problems with students thinking that we are maintaining their information.

Meeting with TLC weekly:

  • Bob: We should meet with them so that we can learn, share, and remix with them.
    • About the distinction between the two organizations
      • We need to make sure that we speak to the skill sets inside the organizing to really help define the connection/distinction
      • DMC, we are media specialists,TLC is something different
  • Lynn: It is more about getting to know the people, what their skills sets are. To find out what our resident expertise is.
  • Molly: It would be a time to meet with them to do some visioning
  • Bob: to find out what they are doing also. 10:30 -11:30 is our meeting time and then we meet with the TLC later to do some collaboration.

The web presence:

  • DeVan: We will be moving the site over by the end of next week.
  • Kristen: Everyone needs to sign in on the middlebury blogging system for us to migrate. We got a response from Joe at Middlebury and he said we can do 2 out 3 things we requested, but that is not a big deal

Luis changing his hours:

   Lynn: The concern is that there will be more space in the evening

Media Library
We need to think about how we are keeping track of the student files.

  • Possible ideas
    • Kristen: iTunesU space