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Digital Media Commons

The Teaching and Learning Collaborative

Meeting Minutes

Notes by: Ryan Gonzalez

Friday, April 3, 2009

Meeting Participants: Molly Ammons, DeVan Hankerson, Alan Lovewell, Pilar Chaves, Jeremy Robinson, Ryan Gonzalez, Bob Cole, Sarah Springer

   * New cabinet will need conduit for wiring (electrical and peripheral), to put the hard drive inside


   * DeVan:  Going through Wiki to find tutorials, changing the way it looks… identified things that needed to be migrated, etc.  Lorraine started a new project for the Clinton Global Initiative… weave ideas into DM for change class.
   * Alan:  Wed, Pilar talked about storage issue… make a print out, something to reference, something on a blog or a wiki… to give options and give students options for their own storage…
         o “flash drive will give you this much space, external hard drive will give you x…, etc.”
         o Facilitate students getting their own storage devices
   * Pilar:  Two highlights….the workshop went well (digital imaging)
         o Idea:  A weekend long bootcamp style video editing workshop like the storytelling workshop, etc?
         o Creativity and innovation class made some videos and was rewarding… Pilar has a copy of a video that Adam Rumack made.
         o Thru-you website… a whole album of mashups of musicians from all over youtube, combining
   * Jeremy:  Has been reading up on copyright and fair use, etc.  will incorporate into digital media etiquette class. 
         o Used Picassa and Photoshop express for the imaging workshop… gimp will come in 3 weeks.
         o Had 12 people at the workshop.
         o Jeremy used gimp to make logo for his running team’s shirts for the mud run. 
   * Ryan:  Storytelling workshop, notebook full of notes would like to type or scan in.  Lots ot good tips on storytelling, wants to incorporate what learned into my current project.  Have a focus, storyboard, need to stick to key points, learning process, still working with Morita- trying to incorporate knowledge into the video.  Big take aways--- have tension in the story, “the bomb event” how the character changes after that, be more visual-show versus tell.  Sizzle vs. Inconvenient truth Arouse vs. fullfil.  Set up acts 1. Set up world 2. Change  3. 
         o “This American Life” uses examples of bringing in policy material to a broader audience.
   * Molly:  Got two podcasts up on iTunes U.  Troubleshooting with GarageBand… locking tracks and jingles… too many tracks created a stuttering on her voice.
         o Had interesting idea for digital notebooks all offline.. Pilar had a good idea to use Pages to incorporate papers so that material isn’t online.  Wants to give the portfolio to a professor on a CD.  Idea is to have a portfolio much like a magazine layout.  Using iDVD to show more multimedia focused portfolios.
   * Bob:  Met with Ann Flower on Tuesday for an informal conversation and is really excited about “how to rock the library”. 
         o Focus group to rethink the library’s role… TLC and the library?
         o Using sms to communicate and doesn’t have to be geographically loved down in a space near the printers…
         o Wants to have a conversation about research, how people research and how they can do it better?  Formal vs. informal reseach…


   * Priority for today is storage and iMovie getting wiped out!
   * iMovie workshop next week… helpful to tell people where to store their projects.
         o We need to have all computers be able to access the network for video 2 but folder has been faulty.
   * What is the best solution?
         o DeVan:  Explain the complication with iMovie 08 and 09 and external storage….
               + Involves the purchase of an external drive.
               + iMovie 09 can save projects to an external drive as long as it’s formatted in MacOS.
               + Project and library can be saved on external…. The “event”.
               + Problem:  When people don’t have an external drive.
                     # When logged out of guest account, all project files are deleted.
                     # Do we want to have people’s files saved?
                     # Maintenance issue?  Machines getting bogged down with too many extra files.
               + Alan:  Discusses with Pilar… a few flash drives to loan out as a last resort and giving people. 
               + Can we create an account that doesn’t wipe out certain things?
                     # Without additional software, how to do the auto-restore
                     # Make an account that is a guest account with parental control
                     # Short-term solution is to have a new guest account.
                           * Put a limit of a month on the project and then after the month, the project will be wiped out..
                           * How do we log projects?  Can we follow-up?
                           * Check to see when project was last modified?
               + DeVan:  At some point need to be hands on with the machines in order to be aware of what’s on the machines and then wipe them out periodically…
               + Video projects will be tied to one specific computer… create a 2-hr reservation system and bump people off machines?
                     # Micro-management of space?  A self-managed thing?
               + Talking to students and faculty about building in storage into the cost of school and explaining that media is large..
               + We need to work toward a network solution
   * The next step:  Parental control managed account.  Jeremy and Molly will work on creating new guest accounts with parental controls on Monday… That computer will no longer delete everything on the computer.
         o A step-by-step Google doc will be written so that we all know how the storage system works.