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Detailed instructions

1. Turn editing on. (button in upper right-hand corner of main course page)

2. In the week or topic section where you wish to add the file, click on ADD A RESOURCE, and choose Link to a file or web site from the drop-down menu options.


3. Name your link (enter text that users will click to go to this site)


4. Scroll down to the window that says Link to a file or web site. This is where you enter the URL (Universal Resource Locator) or web address of the page you want to link to.


5. The safest approach (recommended) is to open a new window, go to the exact page you want, and copy and paste the web address from that window to the location box. If you click Search for web page it will open up a separate window for you to search Google for your site. (If you know the website you can type it directly in the box, but errors are easy to make.)

6. Choose “New Window” (rather than “same window”) so that your Moodle page will remain open in a separate window or tab from the external website. When students close the external website, your Moodle page will still be visible.


7. Remember to click Save Changes at the bottom when you are finished.

Additional resources on other (non-MIIS) sites

Moodle Docs - Link to a file or website Carleton College - Link to a file or website

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