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== Detailed instructions (text-only) ==
== Detailed instructions (text-only) ==

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Detailed instructions (text-only)

On your course page, go to the Administration block on the left side of the page.

Click on Settings.


1. You can edit your course name. However, please use the naming convention for uniformity and archiving purposes.

  • Full name: AR 460 SP09 Business Arabic
  • Short name: AR 460 SP09

2. You can edit the course summary to give your students an Idea of what the course is about (maximum 1-2 sentences). You may also leave this blank.

3. Choose/change the basic format of your course

  • Weeks
  • Topics

Choose the TOPICS format if you want more flexibility to organize your course by specific types of content (or topics), or to put in specific course days (Mon, Sept 15th).

Choose the WEEKLY format if you want Moodle to automatically organize your materials week by week. Moodle will automatically show the dates for an entire week in each section. If you choose Weekly Format, changing the starting course date under Settings will change the dates that appear on your course page.

TIP: If you are teaching a weekend workshop or are creating a general resource site choose the TOPICS format.

4. The rest of the settings can remain as they are (using the default settings).

5. Change, remove, or double-check your Enrollment Key at the bottom of the page.

6. Don’t forget to click Save Changes at the bottom of the Settings page when you are done.

Non-MIIS resource sites

Moodle Docs - Course Settings

Carleton College - Course Settings

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