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Detailed instructions (text-only)

NOTE: Until spring semester 2009 students who are currently enrolled at the Institute can use their existing First Class username and password to access Moodle. For access problems, individual students should contact the IT Help Desk at 831-647-6656.

First-time users of Moodle may benefit from watching a short (5-minute) orientation video at

The least labor-intensive approach for faculty members is to have students self-enroll in their course Moodle pages. In order to do this, they will need to know two things:

  • where the course is located (a web address), and
  • your enrollment key (if you are using this feature to restrict access to the course).



1. On the first day of class, show the students how to navigate to the course from the main elearning home page, by clicking through the various menus (select graduate school > then specialty / program (if applicable), etc)


2. Go to the main page of your course, and copy the URL (web address) that is located at the top of your browser so that it can be shared electronically.


3. If you are using an enrollment key and have forgotten it, go to the ADMINISTRATION panel, normally located on the left-hand side of your course page, and click on SETTINGS. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page, and look for “enrollment key.” Note that it is case sensitive (upper/lower case).

Distribute this information to your students as you choose:

- on the first day of class

- in an e-mail

- via a list at your departmental front desk

- etc.

A sample e-mail message / class handout follows (to be modified as needed):

ACCESSING our course website

Dear students,

To access our course website, go to the Institute’s elearning system (Moodle), which is located at

Never used Moodle before? Not sure how to log in? First-time users of Moodle can watch a short (5-minute) orientation video at

You will need the following two pieces of information:

 - where the course is located (a web address), and
 - the course enrollment key (a one-time passward that restricts access).

Step 1: LOCATE the course website (three options)

1. Open a web browser (Firefox is recommended, Internet Explorer will work) and go to the following URL – the web address for our course: __________________________________________

2. OR, select the course category for our program from the list on the homepage, After clicking on our grad school (and then on any sub-programs or certificate programs), scroll through the list of courses and click on the title for our course.

3. OR, use the SEARCH field at the bottom of the elearning homepage.

Step 2: Enter the ENROLLMENT KEY

The very first time that you try to access the course (and the first time ONLY) you may be asked to enter an “enrollment key”. This one-time step prevents others from wandering through, and keeps our discussions and materials private.

The enrollment key for our course is: _____________________

Note that course “enrollment” via Moodle has no connection to the MIIS Records Office (it simply adds you as a participant who can access the course site).

TIP for new users – Don’t forget to update your Participant Profile

1) Click on your name (upper right-hand corner of page, when you are logged into Moodle), and click the “edit profile” tab on your profile page.

2) Make sure your FULL email address is showing (including

3) Scroll down and type a short introduction (description) of yourself.

4) Upload a picture of yourself to replace the generic yellow smiley by scrolling down to the bottom of the page to the PICTURE OF … section. Click “browse” and choose / upload an image from your own computer.

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