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Basic overview (see also color screenshot version, above)

Blocks are optional elements that appear in the narrow columns to the right and left of the main topics/weeks. They contain supplemental material for course participants.

1. Turn editing on. (button in the top right-hand corner of main course page)

Courses are set up by default to have blocks on the far right and far left columns of the main course page.

2. Blocks can be moved up or down or to the other side of the page using the arrow icons.

3. Clicking the red X (when editing is turned on) will delete the block.

4. Clicking the eye icon (when editing is turned on) will show or hide the block from student view.

5. To ADD a block – choose Add... from the drop down menu and select the block you want to add.

(The default position for the Add menu is at the very bottom right hand corner of the Moodle)

Once you click the block you want it will appear in your Moodle. You can then move it or hide it.

Typically the most used blocks are:

・ Calendar

・ Course/site description

・ Latest news

・ Recent activity

・ Messages

・ Section links

・ Online users

・ Upcoming events

Additional resources on other (non-MIIS) sites

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