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When I click on one of the icons for the drives nothing happens

  1. If the computer where the drive is physically located is not on, then connection to that drive is impossible.  Turn on the computer.
  2. The first time one of these drives is accessed, clicking on the icon launches keychianin the background and accesses the drive.  Wait a second and a mounted drive should show up on the desktop.  You can then click the icon on the dock and it should work as normal.

When I click on one of the icons for the drives I get an error message saying it can't connect

  1. Possibly reasons 1 in the previous question
  2. It is possible that an incorrect keychain username or password was created. Open up Keychain Access, click on login, find the computer where the drive is located and delete that connection.  The next time you try to access the drive from the doc it will ask you to give the username/password for the computer.  Type in the correct combination and click the box to save to keychain.

Keychain Access.jpg