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Questions for Global Giving:

  • For the form - we just have to fill out the org once, right? Yes
  • We can have one primary person liasoning with GG.
  • What data do we get on donors? Name and email address - not even physical address - donors can opt out of telling us that info.  We can thank them - that's appreciated.  They request that partners don't add the emails to listservs, solicitations, etc. Best way to communicate is through project updates - the donors are added to a listserv for project updates and they'll receive updates when we update them on the GG site. 
  • Clarity on fee - 10% of proceeds
  • How do you distribute $? - Once a month.  Middle of the month for the previous month via checks.  You get a disbursement report that contains the details of the specific projects.  all funding is restricted - has to be supplied to that project.  If the project doesn't go, we call GG and they contact donor and ask to reallocate. 
  • What do you mean by the criteria of the project starting within 90 days?  - the intent is to make sure that funds will reach the field in 90 days - as new orgs they want to build credibility - keep projects tangible and concrete - its in line with committment to donors, not a rule.  The project should be at forseeable implementation - not just "I'd like to do this, but I'm going to be doing this"
  • Does the fee inlcude credit card fees? - 2.75% credit card fee on top of 10%
  • Can we have other forms of media on the project sites? no - just photos
  • Could you give a MIIS gift card just for our umbrella of projects? no -can't restrict it - we could lead them to our landing page
  • Tax issues? Who gives the receipt and will the full amount given be the number on the tax forms? 
  • What are your website analytics? They'd have to talk to Michael - we can probably embed our own code. 
  • What are your stats? How often do people support the full amount?  They didn't have the answer - their guess is that in our case it might happen, but it doesn't happen too frequently. 
  • How far can we brand out landing page? Header banner and text - 150 words is best - you can have pop out windows
  • Projects aren't listed in any order - formula based on activity - the higher activity, the top position
  • How does your donation wizard work? Answers tied to issue filter, location filter and what shows up is based on answers
  • Contracts?  Agreements?  What's next?  Grant agreement between us and GG - we'll disburse and accept funds on behalf, all charitable, agree to primary point of contact, update the projects - they'll send it up and we can look at it. 
  • How much time should be built in on their side - landing pages are easy and quick, espcially if they can have a warning.  The paperwork takes some time - a week, the projects usually take more time on our end - once a project is submitted, that can usually be up in a week. 
  • Projects need at least one photo and one supporting document (budget, plan, etc.) 

Next Steps:

GG: analytics question answered and contract draft to us

MIIS: timeline and what projects