Notes: 2/18/09

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  • Cathy Lee's Husband is on the board of global givings
  • We could have a corporate partnership to create a site for giving
  • Internship opportunities
  • He will call the CFO and report back
  • Meeting with Beth about this later this week or next week
  • We could be a good pilot partner to get into the educational zone


  • Donor List for the group to contact
  • Alumns with some contact with MIIS
  • Due Date - mid April
  • Looking for vision
  • Great group of students/alumni - will rock the project
  • Give time or expertise?  Excellent idea but probably not in the initial phase


Beth says yes.  It's worth the investment because it directly connects our donors to our mission. 

  • Could also use this system as a micro lending type situation for summer internships - again probably not now.  We could have micro philanthropy to give a loan fund for students for their internships. 
  • Indicators of success - cost/benefit analysis - how much of an investment are we will to give? 
  • We have two alumni at Kiva - they should be contacted - maybe visit when we're in SF in April? 


  • Partnering could give us a huge advantage
  • We could always pull something together with modest tools - blogs, widgets, ect.
  • There is a giving by events module in i-modules

Action Items:

  • Meet with Global Givings
  • Contact someone with Kiva
  • Check out the module on i module - fee?