Notes: 3/4/09

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Beth, Amy, Leah, Sabrina, Lynn, Shirley

Recap of Global Giving Phone Call:

  • Success!
  • We get our own landing page - brand it, link to it, etc.
  • All the functionality of the technology with the ability to make it ours
  • We will let them experiment on us

Questions for Global Giving:

  • What data do we get on donors?
  • Can we track who's giving?
  • Clarity on fee
  • How do you distribute $?
  • What do you mean by the criteria of the project starting within 90 days?
  • What's the follow up?
  • Does the fee inlcude credit card fees?
  • Can we have other forms of media on the project sites?
  • Could you give a MIIS gift card just for our umbrella of projects?
  • Can you see how much traffic wanders from our site and then off?
  • What are your website analytics? 

We need to provide the structure to have good projects that fit both MIIS and Global Giving.

Moving forward:

  • Marketing - successfully get word out
  • Operational questions from global giving - data glory, processing, money distribution
  • Internal projects - innovation consulting
  • Develop Timeline
  • What's the lifecycle of our projects?

Innovation Consulting Questions

  • What's better, lots of projects or fewer?  Broad range but not too many...
  • How is there fee explained on their site?
  • Will this take away from our donors?

In general:

  • We want projects that tell a story - show what we do in all the glory
  • Pizza Process might not be the right vetting of project - we could always tap into the projects that are happening like the Garden, Team Monterey, etc. 
  • Phase 2 or 3 - competition for alumni to join this process...How did MIIS influence this project?