Notes: 3/4/09

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Beth, Amy, Leah, Sabrina, Lynn, Shirley

Recap of Global Giving Phone Call:

  • Success!
  • We get our own landing page - brand it, link to it, etc.
  • All the functionality of the technology with the ability to make it ours
  • We will let them experiment on us

Questions for Global Giving:

  • What data do we get on donors?
  • Can we track who's giving?
  • Clarity on fee
  • How do you distribute $?
  • What do you mean by the criteria of the project starting within 90 days?
  • What's the follow up?
  • Does the fee inlcude credit card fees?
  • Can we have other forms of media on the project sites?
  • Could you give a MIIS gift card just for our umbrella of projects?
  • Tax issues?  Who gives the receipt and will the full amount given be the number on the tax forms?
  • What are your website analytics? 
  • What are your stats?  How often do people support the full amount?

We need to provide the structure to have good projects that fit both MIIS and Global Giving.

Moving forward:

  • Marketing - successfully get word out
  • Operational questions from global giving - data glory, processing, money distribution
  • Internal projects - innovation consulting
  • Develop Timeline
  • What's the lifecycle of our projects?

Innovation Consulting Questions

  • What's better, lots of projects or fewer?  Broad range but not too many...
  • How is there fee explained on their site?
  • Will this take away from our donors?

In general:

  • We want projects that tell a story - show what we do in all the glory
  • Pizza Process might not be the right vetting of project - we could always tap into the projects that are happening like the Garden, Team Monterey, etc. 
  • Phase 2 or 3 - competition for alumni to join this process...How did MIIS influence this project?


  • Send Beth your questions for Global Giving by Wednesday