Printer Installation for OS X -10.4

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Printer Installation
Mac OS X v 10.4 Tiger

These are the printers that you can install on your personal computer:

01_LIB_X5500 (Library Downstairs)
02_LIB_X5500 (Library Upstairs)
03_KAD_X5500 (Kade Technology Center)
04_LSC_X5500 (448 Pacific St, Casa Fuente Building)

1. Choose Apple menu > System Preference, and then click Print & Fax.
2. Select Printing, and then click “+” sign.
3. While pressing (holding down) the “Option” key, Click “More Printers”

4. In the Printer List window,
1). from the first drop-down menu, choose “Advanced”
2). from the “Device” drop-down menu, choose “Internet Printing Protocol using HTTP”
3). in the “Device Name” field, type in your desired printer name
4). in “the Device URL” dialog box, type:
with username, password, and printername substituted
“username” is your network account user name, “password” is your network account password, and “printername” is the name of the printer you want to install (refer to the above printer list). E.g., if your network account username is “123456”, your password is “bEaUtIfUl”, and you want to install the printer in Kade (03_KAD_X5500), so you type “”

5). In “Printer Model” field, choose Xerox →Xerox Phaser 5500 DT
6). Click Add
The printer appears in the printer list as the default printer (in bold type)

If you have any question regarding this instruction or need assistance for your printer installation, please contact the WLSC. To find out your printing account balance, go to

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