Printer Installation for Windows XP and VISTA

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Printer Installation

Windows XP & Windows Vista

These are the printers that you can install on your personal computer:

01_LIB_X5500 (Library Downstairs)

02_LIB_X5500 (Library Upstairs)

03_KAD_X5500 (Lab & Media Services in A100 Morse Building)

04_LSC_X5500 (448 Pacific St, Casa Fuente Building)

To install one or more of these three printers, complete the following procedures:

1. Open Internet explorer (do not use Firefox or other Internet browsers)

2. Type[1], in the address bar, then click on OK, a login window appears

3. Type your domain username and password in the user name and password fields respectively and check “Remember my password” and then click OK

4. Double click on your desired printer

Note: You should only install those printers listed above. And you can only install one printer at a time. Please do not install other printers that are not in the above list.

5. Click on Connect in the Printer Actions section

Note: If the next message does not appear, run ActiveX Control one or two times by clicking on the Information Bar, and then click on Connect again.

6. Click Yes when Add Web Printer Connection message appears

7. Choose Use the Specified User Account, and then type win2k\your network account user name in the User Name field (e.g., your network account user name is 1234, so you type win2k\1234) and your password in the Password field

8. Click OK to close the Configure Internet Port window

9. Wait until you receive the message “The printer has been installed on your machine” then exit out the browser window.

If you have any question regarding this instruction or need assistance for your printer installation, please contact the Wireless Laptop Support Center. To find out your printing account balance, go to 

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