Requesting a course roll-over instructions

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What is a course roll-over?

Course requests and roll-overs are managed by the ITS Help Desk.  A roll-over request is made when you want to carry forward or transfer all content, activities, and other resources from a Moodle space used in a previous academic term, but you also want to empty that Moodle space of participant data.  A roll-over allows you to edit a course outline of materials based on a previous term.

Directions for requesting a course roll-over

1.  Go to the elearning course request form.

2.  Complete the five fields on the online request form (see images below).

  • Course Title
  • Course Number
  • Course Description / Summary
  • Reasons for Wanting this course
  • Enrollment Key

3.  In the Reasons for wanting this course field, indicate that you want to "roll-over" a previous course.  Be specific about which course you want to transfer into the new course space.  Use the course naming convention outlined below; e.g. IP 555 SP09.  It is also helpful to list the course name for cross-referencing purposes.

                                         100.png 101.png

4. OPTIONAL Read detailed instructions (PDF) for requesting a Moodle course.

5. OPTIONAL Watch a short video demonstration which walks through the process of requesting a course.

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