Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes August 30, 2009

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Meeting Minutes

1. Confidentiality

  • Make no promise of actions items

2. SAT postion for making executive decisions

  • Staff Advisory Team is not in the position to make executive decisions on policies or benefits.  The team is merely to be the voice of staff and to provide input and opininons to the Presidents Office on decisions to be made with the exception of social events.  We need to confirm if there is talks about staff benefits with Amy McGill.

3. Follow up discussion on three main themes

  • Professional Development
  • Communication / Community building
  • Resources

4. Executive Summary Report

  • To be completed

5. Proposals (social events)

  • Postpone

6. HR

  • Postpone


- Keep our activities to a minimal

- Formality process needed for event proposals (such as a team vote)

- Events should be conducted as a team

- Keeping off-campus and after hours activities to a minimal

Question for Amy McGill - Are the funds provided to the SAT for short-term only?  Understanding is that SAT is only receiving $5K for start-up then going to be self-sustained.