Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes August 6, 2009

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Staff Advisory Team Meeting Minutes
Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pre-Meeting Discussion

• Suggestions from Lynn:

• Pre-Orientation Orientation

• What is new on campus?
• Advising Center is the new starting point for new students
• New Locations of Offices
• Technology Orientations
• Other projects that are new this year

• Pre-Meeting Discussion

• Request to set meeting a little earlier: 3:30pm instead of 4pm. Wednesday’s at 330 is the new proposed meeting time.

• Review of notes from last meeting

• Budget Discussion
• How to we fund ourselves after the initial $5,000 is spent

• Methods for proposals and decision making within the SAT.
• We should be careful of what we discuss with the general public.
• Suggestion blog: Can the Wiki allow comments? Real Estate on MIIS@WORK?

• We should be sure to not over-extend ourselves: low cost (time and money) with big impact.

Action Items:

• Three Main Themes:
• Professional Development
• Outlook Training
• Excel Training
• Communication
• Pre-Orientation Orientation (org chart for the new structure, what is new on campus); Email blast with org chart attachment, where to send students for what and one page department phone list; student “Things To Do Early”; banner updates;
• Monthly Department Open House (50 dollar budget and take suggested months); leave timing up to them, get top 3 preferred months; each SAT member contacts their former department
• First Friday Lunch beginning in October (Outside Holland Center or Samson Ctr)
• Rotate responsibility for advertising etc.

• Resources
• Local Discounts (wellness discount) Blog
• New Staff Orientation
• Benefit

• Executive Summary

Action Items for Next Week:

Promote Outlook Trainings for next Friday