Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes January 6, 2010

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Present: Devin, Raphael, Trinidad, Lynn, Kenley, Edy, Rachel

1.) Delayed discussion of new employee orientation until Rachel can be present. Rachel will send draft proposal to SAT. Rachel is waiting for comments from SAT on the draft manual she distributed in December. She will then incorporate and submit to HR. One suggestion might be to encourage staff/faculty to upload photos to MIIS directory. Edy will try to find out who might be able to produce a full staff/faculty list in hard copy.
2.) Sarah Springer told Lynn and Edy about a faculty member who is creating faculty orientation. Lynn will check with Sarah.
3.) Open House updates: Alumni will host 14 January. Devin reports that he doesn’t have dates yet for library or business office. CLS in February. Edy reported that GSIPM hosted a Christmas event, but Edy will check with Toni. Trinidad reported that Jill is enthusiastic, but needs to talk with Sheri in admissions. Trinidad will follow up.
4.) First Friday lunches. Devin will send another email message on Thursday. Raphael suggests that the notice go out as an invitation.
5.) Rachel reported that the two names of the wellness programs are similar. Amy McGill asked that we wait until Middlebury rolls out its program, as it is more robust.
6.) Edy met with Kathy Sparaco regarding international exchange program. Kathy suggests we start with a Middlebury exchange for staff who wish to participate. Pass this on to next year.
7.) Lynn discussed all staff meetings at previous employer. Collected money for 50-50 raffle to raise funds for development/travel.
8.) We likely have over $4K left for this fiscal year. Edy would like to provide sandwiches at her first Friday lunch. Person responsible for agenda will check on budget status. Edy will check with Barbara.
9.) Discounts: If anyone knows of discounts, send them to Edy and Raphael.
10.) Create orientation video?
11.) Agenda items for next time? End of year event for staff/faculty; SAT members interviewing coworkers as spotlight?