Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes June 16, 2009

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Opening Discussion:

1. Don’t exclude staff.
2. Don’t include upper administration.

Common Themes:

1. Informal gatherings for staff

  • a. People concerned with not wasting time, these shouldnt be mandatory
  • b. Learnapalooza
  • c. People want to get to know each other and don’t know how
  • d. Retreats
  • e. There is a general feeling of isolation

2. Lack of Professional Development Opps.

  • a. Staff Could share information and knowledge just with each other, not bringing in outside consultants. This could be work-related or something else (e.g. Cooking).

3. Communication

  • a. Email
  • b. Too Many types of communication (Yammer, blogs etc.)
  • c. Is there a one-stop-shop for communication (does the new website fix this?)
  • d. Lunch Time Events
  • e. An organizational chart to see how departments are related.
  • f. Description for each Department
  • g. Flat Screens on Campus

4. HR

  • a. Benefits
  • b. Flex Time
  • c. Neutral Party to listen to concerns (like the EAP program but in person)
  • d. HR providing enough support
  • e. New Staff Orientation
  • f. Tuition Reimbursement

i. An organizational chart to see how departments are related.
ii. Description for each Department

5. Appreciation and Recognition

  • a. Years of service
  • b. For ideas that really benefit the organization
  • c. Above and Beyond Awards
  • d. Employee of the Month
  • e. Monthly Parking Spot

Moving Forward:

1. Powerpoint displaying themes
2. Document that compiles all of the notes (submit your notes to Google Docs)
3. Executive Summary detailing our three priorities.

Party Planning:

1. Food set up inside.
2. Decorate day of, at 2 or 230pm
3. Purchase of beverages will happen this weekend.
4. Ice and Ice buckets
5. Check with Linae about supplies.