Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes May 1, 2009

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Notes, May 1, 2009 Edy Rhodes, Devin Lueddeke, Rachel Christopherson, Kenley Butler, Raphael Ochoa

  • Meeting: Set up time each month; keep minutes of our meeting. Proposed 9AM every other Friday, beginning May 15.
  • Notetaking: Rotate notetaking; that person will circulate agenda prior to meeting. Meet in Holland Center.
  • Mission Statement: Raphael suggested we develop mission statement. Raphael will develop draft and circulate to team.

Outreach to Departments: Each team member will distribute four questions below to his/her assigned departments and set up appointments. Departments are not intended to respond in writing to questions; questions are intended to provide idea of discussion. Team members should note that feedback can be given outside of appointments via email on a one-to-one basis. Collect data by the end of May.

  • June Event: Rachel suggested we have BBQ; Wild Plum cater garlic potatoes and vegetarian xxx; Del Monte Beach; Friday evening 5-7 before the solstice. Devin suggested having event on campus might entice more staff to come. Team coalesced around idea of having 4-6PM event at Samson Center catered by Maha's (appetizers only). Edy noted that Maha's can provide veg/nonveg food plus belly-dancing; could do appetizers and kabobs. Will also serve wine, beer, and non alcoholic beverages.
  • Edy will get appetizer proposal from Maha's. Will be venue to announce results of needs assessment, which will be presented passively using media (a looping movie). Team members will staff entry points to remind folks to view presentation. 4-6 on a Friday, June 5, 12, 19, 26. Or possibly 6/25 Thursday.
  • Kenley will run idea, dates, alcohol policy by Amy. *Rachel will check with her contacts regarding additional belly dancers. Suggest we require RSVP, via evite. Will discuss decorations once we firm up additional details. Will try to firm plans so we can bring invitations with us to departments.
  • Need to post items to new Wiki. *Trinidad, can you help?
  • Future agenda items: policy on transfer of leave accrual; fall event; teambuilding activities.


1. How would you propose (or what creative ways do you suggest) facilitating communication across staff departments?

2. Please identify what you regard to be the most satisfying aspects of your employment and those areas most in need of improvement.

3. What issues or subjects would you like to see addressed?

4. How can we foster a sense of staff community?