Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes October 21, 2009

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Meeting Notes for October 21, 2009

Last meetings notes – 10/21/09

Present: Rachel, Trinidad, Kenley, Gail, Edy, Rafael

Open House
• December open house to be at CNS on Wed December 2 4-5:30. Kenley will put on events and create flyer.
• Edy has approached Toni Thomas about an open house with GSIPM.
• Rafael approached alumni, but they had an open house in conjunction with IA. They may want to have one of their own. Rafael will contact Leah again.
• He'll also check with Financial Aid; likely in November.
• Gail may touch bases with Student Affairs about an open house.
• Trinidad will confirm open house dates with Office Services and IT

First Friday Lunch
• Kenley will move forward with flyer for November 6 first Friday lunch, pending Barbara's approval for use of Samson

Executive Summary
• Kenley will send exec summary to Amy McGill

SAT Meetings
• Decided to have set meeting time: every other Wed 3:30-4:30 at Trinidad's. (November meetings on 4th and 18th)
• Appointed point persons to come up with agenda and remind people. Nov Kenley, Dec Rachel, Jan Edy, Feb Rafael, Mar Trinidad, April Devin.
• Decided we'll stay at six and not fill Gail's spot

• Gail noted HR policy of not allowing formal notification of separation via official blogs, mass email.
• Exit interviews could be a good opportunity to collect information on how to improve the Institute. Gail will touch bases with Edy about her upcoming exit interview.
• No time for Excel training. Trinidad will plan to provide Excel training in Elluminate.