Structure of Network

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User Computers

6 iMacs (Intel)

  • James Lovelock
  • Valerie Purdie-Vaughns
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Michael Franti (Formerly Eva Peron)
  • Nightingale
  • Sergey Bin

Admin and Presentation Computers

1 MacPro (Intel)

  • Barack Obama

1 MacPro (PowerPC)

  • Amy Goodman

Shared Drives

Currently we have 3 virtual shared drives designated as the: Green Drive, Blue Drive, Yellow Drive


Below are the Physical Locations of Networked Drives:

Green Drive
Valerie P. Vaughns\Users\testmangedwithparentalcontrols\Green Drive\

Blue Drive
Oscar Wilde\Users\OGuest\Blue Drive\

Yellow Drive
Valerie P. Vaughns\Video 2\Yellow Drive\

Because As far as I know due to the way new accounts are created, the folder which is created must stay the same and cannot be changed.

Setting up a shared (networked) hard drive

Automatic Login to shared (networked) hard drives