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This page gives an overview of the structure of the DMC computer Network.

User Computers

6 iMacs (Intel)

  • James Lovelock
  • Valerie Purdie-Vaughns
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Michael Franti (Formerly Eva Peron)
  • Nightingale
  • Sergey Bin

Admin and Presentation Computers

1 MacPro (Intel)

  • Barack Obama

1 MacPro (PowerPC)

  • Amy Goodman

Computer Accounts

Currently all of the user computers have two accounts:

  • admin
  • DMC Guest

Obama contains the admin account TLCMacpro

Goodman contains the admin account admin

Shared Drives

Currently we have 3 virtual shared drives designated as the: Green Drive, Blue Drive, and Yellow Drive.  


These drives are actually folders physically located on three different computers within the DMC and are accessible from the docks of any of the Computers within the Digital Media Commons.

Below are the Physical Locations of Networked Drives:

Green Drive
Valerie P. Vaughns\Users\testmangedwithparentalcontrols\Green Drive\

Blue Drive
Oscar Wilde\Users\OGuest\Blue Drive\

Yellow Drive
Valerie P. Vaughns\Video 2\Yellow Drive\

Unfortunately because of the way new accounts are created the root folder names are designated by the original name of the account and cannot be changed even when the name of the account is changed.  This is why there is not complete uniformity among folder names, and names of some folders may not make sense.  To correct this issue, the current DMC Accounts would need to be deleted new accounts would have to be createdare some folders which which is created must stay the same and cannot be changed.

Setting up a shared (networked) hard drive

Automatic Login to shared (networked) hard drives