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Quarter Past Twelve Workshop - COLLABORATE: Synchronous Interaction

What is synchronous interaction?

Synchronous interaction is online communication that takes place at the same time from different locations. Synchronous interaction can be as simple as chatting via instant messaging through programs such as Meebo or MSN Messenger. It can be a bit more complex with instant voice and video through Skype or Mebeam or it can be as elaborate as hosting an online meeting or class using WebEx Connect or Dimdim!

Watch an introductory video of Dimdim web conferencing here

Check out this Skype video here 

Check out Meebo's IM Map here

Read about synchronous and asynchronous learning here

What are some things people could use this for?

Having guest speakers "Skype" in to a classroom lecture like this IPS class did: From Tokyo to Monterey via Skype
Facilitating on-line courses or presentations using Dimdim
Keeping in touch with colleagues, friends and family around the world    

Where can I get started finding new ways to collaborate? - This site provides access to multiple instant messenger sites all in one location - This site offers the chance to download Skype for free and then you can use an internet connection to talk to or video chat with any other skype user in the world for free!  - This site provides online hosting of meetings for up to 20 people for free. - This is a classroom management platform that many people are already using on campus that works in a manner similar to

Let us know if you come across anything else.