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Opening Discussion:

1. Don’t exclude staff.
2. Don’t include upper administration.

Common Themes:

1. Informal gatherings for staff

  • a. People concerned with not wasting time, these shouldnt be mandatory
  • b. Learnapalooza
  • c. People want to get to know each other and don’t know how
  • d. Retreats
  • e. There is a general feeling of isolation

2. Lack of Professional Development Opps.

  • a. Staff Could share information and knowledge just with each other, not bringing in outside consultants. This could be work-related or something else (e.g. Cooking).

3. Communication

  • a. Email
  • b. Too Many types of communication (Yammer, blogs etc.)
  • c. Is there a one-stop-shop for communication (does the new website fix this?)
  • d. Lunch Time Events
  • e. An organizational chart to see how departments are related.
  • f. Description for each Department
  • g. Flat Screens on Campus

4. HR

  • a. Benefits
  • b. Flex Time
  • c. Neutral Party to listen to concerns (like the EAP program but in person)
  • d. HR providing enough support
  • e. New Staff Orientation
  • f. Tuition Reimbursement

i. An organizational chart to see how departments are related.
ii. Description for each Department

5. Appreciation and Recognition
a. Years of service
b. For ideas that really benefit the organization
c. Above and Beyond Awards
d. Employee of the Month
e. Monthly Parking Spot

Moving Forward:

1. Powerpoint displaying themes
2. Document that compiles all of the notes (submit your notes to Google Docs)
3. Executive Summary detailing our three priorities.

Party Planning:

1. Food set up inside.
2. Decorate day of, at 2 or 230pm
3. Purchase of beverages will happen this weekend.
4. Ice and Ice buckets
5. Check with Linae about supplies.