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Directions for logging into MIIS-Midd Virtual Commons Elluminate Session

PRE-SESSION Computer Configuration

Elluminate is a dynamic web conferencing tool that integrates text, audio, and video communication. In order to connect with the Monterey Institute community you will need to check your computer configuration. To avoid difficulties during the session, it is best to run this configuration check at least 24 hours prior to your Elluminate session.

Step 1 - Java software check
Check to make sure that you have the most recent version of Java software.
Follow the directions to test your computer configuration at this link: http://www.elluminate.com/support/
Step 2 - Complete your setup
Join the Configuration Room to test your connection and configure your audio: http://tinyurl.com/ypspwr
Follow the directions on the whiteboard to learn how to interact via chat.
Step 3 - Learn more about Elluminate Live!
Additional information available from Elluminate for troubleshooting is available.
If you are new to Elluminate watch the 5-minute pre-recorded Participant Orientation: http://tinyurl.com/22flf8
Step 4 - Join the MIIS-Midd Virtual Commons Elluminate Session
Follow the link to the MIIS-Midd Virtual Commons Elluminate session listed below in the Login Instructions
You will be prompted to accept security certificates from the Naval Postgraduate School site (nps.edu, our project partner); if you stop due to browser warnings, you will not be able to join the session. In the latest version of Windows / Explorer they are quite strongly worded, and most people seeing them abort the process; it's ok make an exception for the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).

MIIS-Midd Virtual Commons Elluminate Session Login Instructions

Please log in 15-20 minutes before the beginning of the session to ensure that you are connected.

1. Enter via the MIIS-Midd Virtual Commons Elluminate weblink: https://tag.nps.edu:443/join_meeting.html?meetingId=1239643495836
2. LOGIN NAME: Enter your desired screen-name (this will be visible to all via the participant list)
3. PASSWORD: Leave the password BLANK and login
4. Accept all security certificates and warnings (our partner site, nps.edu is safe) and follow on-screen instructions.

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