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Listed below* are specs for the video sharing sites used most by students, faculty, and staff. For a more complete list of sites see the wikipedia page: "Comparison of Video Services".

Site Video Player Streaming Video Format (Codec) Max Size Max Time Resolution Video Bitrate Audio Bitrate Embed Private Option
Youtube Flash H.264 / Sorenson 1024 MB (~1GB)

10 MIN

(MIIS has old  "Director" Account no max for us )

1280x720 (HD)
900 Kbits
96 Kbits
Vimeo Flash On2 VP6
500 MB (Weekly Limit)
Unlimited (though limited by the 500MB)

640x480 (Standard)

872x480 (Widescreen)

1280x720 (HD)

1800 Kbits (Standard)

2500 Kbits (Widescreen)

5000 Kbits (HD)

128 Kbits
no (yes with paid account)
Blip.TV Flash On2 VP

1024 MB (~1GB)

Viddler Flash On2 VP6
500 MB

Google Video
H.264 / Sorenson

  • The above information has been collected partly through independent research and partly from the above sited Comparison of Video Services Wikipedia page which is under the GNU Free Documentation License