Video Embeds in Powerpoint 2007

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When creating a Powerpoint with a video clip embedding videos looks a lot better than simply having a link to an online video, which opens the browser and then loads the video in a messy Youtube or other online video site page.

As discussed in the page on embedding in Powerpoint 2003, there are basically two ways to do this. Please see Video Embeds in Powerpoint 2003 for advantages and disadvantages of each method.

  • Emebed a shockwave flash object which links directly to the youtube flash video file (or other online flash video) into your powerpoint the powerpoint that you.
    1. Show Developer Tab
    2. Click Developer
    3. Click More
    4. Embed "Shockwave Flash Object"
    5. Get the flash URL
    6. Edit URL informationdjustments
    7. Enjoy!

Below is a detailed video from Youtube on how the process works:

  • The second method is to embed an actual video file which is located on your computer. It has been my experience that Powerpoint 2007 is a little bit more flexible than 2003 in the kinds of video formats it accepts-but not much. The Windows Media Video format should normally work great as it is the "native" Microsoft video format, but normally we don't have the "luxury" of a file in .wmv format. However, if you convert your file to an .mpg with using the mpeg1 video codec then you should be able to embed any of your files relatively easy. There are a number of free programs which can do this: on the PC check out <a href="" target="_blank">Super</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Pazera</a>.
    1. Convert your video to a compatible video format if necessary
    2. Click insert
    3. Click Movie>Movie From File
    4. Locate and select your video file
    5. Select how you want the video to play "automatically" or "when clicked."
    6. Resize the video if desired by dragging the corners.

Basic Steps are as follows:

I liked the last video so much I am putting on another one by the same author. This video shows how to take a Youtube video and then convert the file to mpg1 using super and then embed it into Powerpoint.