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*''Graphic Design & Web Presence''  
*''Graphic Design & Web Presence''  
**Student graphic design, websites, print design
**Student graphic design, websites, print design
==WIKI Migration==
*Truncated Version of these pages, taking only relevant information and using links
**List of Blogging tools
**Post of Tools available in the DMC (Tools Software List) 
Migrated Pages
*[[Online Video Sharing Sites]]
*[[Online Video Sharing Comparison Chart]]
*Huge List of Educational Tools
*Post of Video Editing Resources, List
*[[IMovie 08]]
*Post Tools for Video Compression and Conversion, List (possibly not useful considering video compression workshop)
*List of Graphic Design and Image Manipulation Tools
**[[Video Embeds in Powerpoint 2003]]
**[[Video Embeds in Powerpoint 2007]]
**[[Tutorial for Profcasting]]

Latest revision as of 13:50, 1 April 2009

Minutes 03/13/09

Planning Meeting
Attendees: Kristen, DeVan


  • Resources Category, mini digital knowledge base. Tags will distinguish content areas from one another.
  • Eliminate 'Uncategorized' Entries
  • Plugins
    • IM online
    • Archives
    • YouTube
  • Limit the entries on any given page to 3
  • Remove Pages Heading from Sidebar
  • List all categories in the left column


  • "&_copy_;" [©], to create the copyright symbol in Wordpress
  • "Measure It.app", for pixel measurement for embedded YouTube Vids

About the distinction between the Wiki and the Blog (Site)

  • Consider the audience, we want something that is outward facing. Slick looking, functional and exclusive to our use.
  • You want one central place for everything, it does not make sense to split information.

Limitations of the Wiki

  • Multiple parties (non-DMC) use the wiki, search will return unrelated items for internal communication.
  • Not as portable as a blog, via RSS feed.

Wiki Usage

  • Inward facing, for documenting progress on projects
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Has been the temporary space for tutorials until we can have one central location, the blog is that place.

General Notes

  • Avoid putting entries in overlapping categories
  • Tags can overlap that is fine
  • Categories are static, Tags are content areas. You can view all entries under a specific tag.
  • A Category is like Video, for entry iMovie Tutorial, the tags for this entry; iMovie,Spring Workshops, Tutorials.

To Do List Week of 03/16/09

  • Add Contact Info to Footer
  • Ask Pilar and Alan about designing a custom header
  • Replace the code for all the youtube videos
  • Custom Sidebar; 1 or 2 sentences MAX about who we are and create a LINK to the About Page (Static Page)
  • Need to flesh out the Resources Category more completely

Updates: Week 03/23/09


  • Having a problem with the IM online displaying "online status" correctly
  • We have used 9.2MB of our 10MB upload capacity!
  • IM online widget slows everything down, make it impossible to navigate between menus.

Resources Category

  • For Tutorials, and these items can be tagged more specifically. For example the Podcast tutorial will be put in Resources not in Audio. That post can be tagged audio, garageband,etc. whatever.
  • Student audio projects, say podcasts will be in the audio category because the ultimate function is for the Categories to highlight projects and events etc.
  • The most active category will probably be the Resources section.

On the agenda...

  • inquire abt space
  • discuss header
  • find out how to link to posts.

To Do

  • ask Kristen about IM online issues.
  • linking to target locations in wordpress

Updates: Week 03/30/09


  • IM online display decativated, its unnecessary anyway
  • Remedy Profcast Tutorial to make it either video or use slideshare and embed (or just embed the youtube video)


  • DMC@miis.edu may need a Banner account in order to access the WordPress Stats Plugin information, alternatively we can use a student wordpress acct.

To do list

  • try Gcal in dev site (DH)
  • make text version of the "Spring Workshops" using the H1, H2 tags (Jeremy)
  • Anchor tags are not functioning, "Back to Top" (posts should not be that long)
  • Wordpress Stats Plugin, (DH)
  • ? Will we be able to manage the 10MB space constraints?
    • We can embed videos, use slideshare and embed video for visual tutorial instead of using jpeg's

New Categories implemented

  • DMC Education
    • Tutorials
    • Promos, trailers, logo design
  • Audio Projects
    • Student audio projects
  • Video Projects
    • Student video projects
  • Graphic Design & Web Presence
    • Student graphic design, websites, print design

WIKI Migration

  • Truncated Version of these pages, taking only relevant information and using links
    • List of Blogging tools
    • Post of Tools available in the DMC (Tools Software List)

Migrated Pages