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Minutes 03/13/09
Attendees: Kristen, DeVan


  • Resources Category, mini digital knowledge base. Tags will distinguish content areas from one another.
  • Eliminate 'Uncategorized' Entries
  • Plugins
    • IM online
    • Archives
    • YouTube
  • Limit the entries on any given page to 3
  • Remove Pages Heading from Sidebar
  • List all categories in the left column


  • "&_copy_;" [©], to create the copyright symbol in Wordpress
  • "Measure It.app", for pixel measurement for embedded YouTube Vids

About the distinction between the Wiki and the Blog (Site)

  • Consider the audience, we want something that is outward facing. Slick looking, functional and exclusive to our use.
  • You want one central place for everything, it does not make sense to split information.

Limitations of the Wiki

  • Multiple parties (non-DMC) use the wiki, search will return unrelated items for internal communication.
  • Not as portable as a blog, via RSS feed.

Wiki Usage

  • Inward facing, for documenting progress on projects
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Has been the temporary space for tutorials until we can have one central location, the blog is that place.

To Do List 03/16/09

  • Add Contact Info to Footer
  • Ask Pilar and *Luis about designing a custom header
  • Replace the code for all the youtube videos
  • Custom Sidebar; 1 or 2 sentences MAX about who we are and create a LINK to the About Page (Static Page)
  • Need to flesh out the Resources Category more completely

General Notes

  • Avoid putting entries in overlapping categories
  • Tags can overlap that is fine
  • Categories are static, Tags are content areas. You can view all entries under a specific tag.
  • A Category is like Video, for entry iMovie Tutorial, the tags for this entry; iMovie,Spring Workshops, Tutorials.