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Dear Professor Goodstein,

I noticed a handful of days on the “One Hundred Days of Action” calendar that had yet to be assigned an activity. I propose that you replace “TBD” with “Raise money to buy a large number of compact fluorescent light bulbs. Distribute these to people around campus. Give a brief synopsis of the Teach-in, what its goals are, and further steps that must be taken to accomplish these tasks.” I think this action would be a worthwhile addition to the list as it helps to achieve the teach-ins goals on the individual level of reducing one’s carbon footprint, and by raising awareness. Additionally, it fits in with the other one hundred days of action and would not require an enormous amount of effort to organize.

As I am sure you are already aware replacing regular halogen lights with CFLs has the potential to reduce the amount of energy consumed by seventy five percent. They also last ten times longer, thereby decreasing the energy needed to manufacture light bulbs overtime. Freely distributing them ensures many parsimonious college students who would forgo purchasing the more expensive CFLs could have access to them. Changing this light bulb may be someone’s first step to reducing his carbon footprint. This minor action will alert people to other energy efficient technology and help do a very minor part in the eventual cut of emissions to forty percent of two thousand six levels that the National Teach-In is aiming for.

Individual steps to reduce carbon are important, but at this point in time large scale action is needed. As nice as it is to change light bulb, it is not enough. That is why the person who distributes the bulbs must also raise awareness of our goals to everyone receiving a CFL. Handing people a physical light bulb is more effective than doling out flyers that can be easily crumpled up into a recycling bin. Every time these light bulbs are turned on people will be reminded of the Teach-In and its larger goals. This action will help recruit people to our cause. In order to accomplish our goals on a large scale we need to have the attention of congress, and for that we need to have as many people on our side as possible.

All that is needed to make this action a success is a group of people willing to dedicate the time to hold fundraisers and distribute the bulbs. I am certain that it would not be difficult to find the people willing to participate. Perhaps you could assign this action as a project for your class. This proposed action might take more than one day; sufficient time needs to be allotted to raise enough money and distribute all of the bulbs, but there are multiple free days on the calendar. It corresponds with the theme of small scale actions, like the rest of the table, and also has a larger impact to help the cause. Therefore I urge you to consider including it in the “One Hundred days of Action” calendar.

Sincerely, Bianca Dragone