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Dear President-Elect Obama:

Congratulations for your success in becoming the next President of the United States. Your candidacy is not only historic because of the barriers it transcends, but because it comes at a time when the United States and the rest of the world is reeling from crisis. Around 62% of the country participated in the 2008 election, the highest seen in decades. More startling is the voter turnout of the youth or "millenials", who beckon for the change that you embody. One of the gravest challenges we face today comes not from terrorism, nor from the current economic situation, but from global warming. This is an issue that has unfortunately not been addressed in the last 8 years , and something that needs to be dealt with in order to secure the future of the United States and the World.

During your campaign, you promised to create green jobs across the country, to introduce a carbon cap and trade system, and to reduce emissions 80% by 2050. Action needs to be imminent. The American people, especially the youth, can't afford to waste more time with empty promises.

It is clear that there is no easy way out of our energy dependency on fossil fuels. Americans will lose jobs as we switch from a fossil fuel to a clean energy economy. However, we cannot be discouraged. We must change and this requires sacrifices on behalf of the entire population. Our addiction to oil must stop, not only for economic and political reasons but for the health of the earth. To this end, we must look to not just one but several alternative energy solutions. It is necessary that you use your power and influence to promote and push the United States and even other states to solar, wind, and geothermal energy. These technologies are all readily available albeit in limited quantities. However, with the help of your government in the form of subsidies these technologies can be far reaching in a relatively short amount of time.

There are those in the government who believe that global warming is the least of our problems in the midst of the turmoil in the Middle East and our current economic crisis. Many are skeptical that the President can't enact many of his proposals in such a turbulent and uncertain time. I assure you that yes we can, and we elected you because we know that you will bring enormous improvements to our domestic and international policies. I know that you understand the worries and hopes of the new generation of Americans and our frustration over the current energy situation. It is imperative that you push the global warming issue in Congress. Support and help companies that are willing to go green and tackle the global warming problem. Create educational programs that inform our citizens about global warming and the dire consequences that will ensue if we don't act now. The informed are always willing to act. Finally, introduce a global carbon cap and trading system in the upcoming Copenhagen summit in 2009. If the United States can show the world that we are committed to energy change, then the global community will be much more willing to follow our lead.

I know that you will listen to your fellow citizens and take action to deter global warming. Your actions will be applauded around the world, and I have faith that will restore the prestige of the United States as a participant and not a maker of world policy.


Edwin Merino